Beginners Tips for Go Karting

Are you new to driving a go-kart?

If you answered yes, this blog is just the right one for you.

Driving a kart is an exhilarating sport. If you think it’s the same as driving a car, you’re gravely mistaken. It is a different experience where you are allowed and even encouraged to drive as fast as you can! Thrilling, isn’t it?

From throttle control to braking and cornering, this blog walks you through the best go karting tips for beginners. Follow them to avoid common mistakes that can slow you down or spoil your experience.

Beginners Tips

The go-karts market value had touched $104.8 million globally in 2020. Are you looking to join in the fun too? Here are some beginners tips to get you started.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

As obvious as it sounds, it is one of the most important things to bear in mind.

Wear something that is not very tight or very loose. While karting, you will be seated for a long time. So, skip those skinny jeans!

It is advisable to wear a pair of trainers when go karting. Avoid wearing heels or open-toed footwear.

Do Not Move Your Hands on the Wheel

As opposed to cars, go-karts have a sensitive steering wheel. So, you must have your hands on them at all times.

Place your hands at the angle of clock hands at ‘quarter to three’. This position will make it easy for you to maneuver the kart. Moreover, you will be able to react better to sudden sharp turns.

Hit the Brakes with Force

The brakes in a go-kart act only on the rear wheels. So, you cannot hit the brake the way you do when driving a car on the road. Instead, brake in an opposite manner from how you would on the road.

Hit the brakes hard till they almost lock. As you inch closer to the bend, slowly release the brakes.

Sit in the Right Position

Posture is important while driving a go-kart. A wrong sitting position can affect your performance.

Sit in a position where you can reach the pedals easily. Clear access to the accelerator and brakes is necessary to drive smoothly. Furthermore, you must easily reach the steering wheel without leaning forward.

Take time and properly adjust your seat before you start driving.

Navigate Around Others

As a beginner, try to maintain distance between yourself and the others on the track. Each bump can slow you down. Additionally, making adjustments to avoid a crash can affect your speed too.

Focus on your kart, and do not get distracted by other drivers’ antics. Do not lose your rhythm. Simply focus on the approach to every turn and in no time, you will be ahead of others.

Control the Throttle

The accelerator or throttle power the rear wheels of the cart. Keep in mind that the rear wheels are the ones that provide the grip. So, carefully determine how much power you need. Excess throttle at a sharp corner will make you lose grip.

Remember, it is simple, the more you press the throttle, the more power increases.

Wrapping Up

The excitement and anticipation while go karting will keep drawing you back to the activity time and again.

But, remember, to become a better go-kart driver, you need practice. You need to drive better and not harder. So, do not let excitement get the better of you and gradually increase your speed.

The best part about this activity is that it is more for fun than for competition.

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