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Clothing For Skinny Guys

Clothing for skinny guys should be based on the right color palette. Dark colors make the body appear larger while light colors minimize this. A skinny guy should stick to light colors. If you don’t want to wear dark colors, opt for darker ones. Light colors will accentuate a skinny guy’s muscles while dark colors will accentuate his slim frame. However, a skinny guy should avoid wearing clothing with patterns that can make him look bulky.

A skinny guy can still look sharp and professional if he wears the right clothes. If he’s attending a business meeting, go for a well-fitted suit. A blazer will add some bulk to his slim figure. Blazers will also look great with a slimmed-down guy’s outfit. Besides, the blazer will help make the skinny guy more attractive. But remember to select clothing with a wide fit and avoid clothes that are too tight.

For summer, skinny guys should opt for half sleeved shirts. This style looks bulky on white or black guys. This type of shirt looks best with loafers or sneakers. Also, it’s versatile and works well with different outfits. In addition to a slim fit shirt, skinny guys can pair it with a hoodie. And finally, a pair of chino pants will make them look even better.

To create a slimmer impression, skinny guys should avoid V-necks. V-necks will emphasize a thin neck. A crew-neck will create the illusion of a wider frame. Button-up shirts add size and shape to the shoulders. Check out Sunspel or Officine Generale if you want to wear patterned tees. You can also try on stylish plaids from Club Monaco and Incotex.

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