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How to Connect Alexa to Computer Bluetooth

Connecting Alexa to your computer can be a pain. If you’ve recently purchased an Echo smart speaker, you may be wondering how to connect it to your computer using Bluetooth. First, check to make sure your PC has Bluetooth capabilities. If it does, the device should automatically connect. Otherwise, you may need to add your laptop to your computer. But, if you want to use Bluetooth on your PC, the process is a lot simpler.

To do this, sign into your Amazon account and select “Alexa” from the device’s list. To do this, navigate to Devices > Alexa & Alexa. Scroll down to “Bluetooth” and click “Change Network.” Then, select “Wi-Fi.” You should see a blue Change button. Choose your current network name and then click “OK.”

Once your computer detects your device, you can start using it as a computer speaker. To do this, simply connect Alexa to your PC using Bluetooth. Start by going to the Alexa website. Then, select the computer from the list. You can also use the device as a dedicated speaker with pairing mode. If you encounter any problems, use the troubleshooting tips below. They should help you connect your device with your PC in no time.

To use Amazon Echo with Bluetooth, you’ll need to set up an Amazon account. Once the device is setup, you’ll need to grant it access to your microphone so that Alexa can hear you. Once you’ve set up the connection, you can call Alexa from the keyboard, on-screen button, or voice command. Then, you’ll be able to play music from your computer.

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