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How to Dress an Apple Body Shape

Choosing tops for an apple body shape can be simple, but picking a substantial fabric is important. Avoid jersey fabric, which clings to your skin in an unflattering way. Instead, choose linen or cotton fabrics for a sexy yet comfortable fit. Apple body shapes should wear a waistline-defining waistline, and the neckline of their blouses should be high enough to create a visual separation between their tummy and bust.

Sleeves for an apple body shape should be high on the arms and loose in the middle. A wide, flowy leg pant helps balance a wider midsection. Avoid sleeves with shoulder pads or ruffles. Fitted sleeves will also distract from the roundness in the middle. A fitted shirt is less flattering. If you choose an unfitting blouse, try a V-neck style. It will balance your wide midsection with slim legs.

A good pair of trousers for an apple body should sit just below your love handles. Wide-leg trousers can hide your hips and accentuate your waist, so choose a pair with a high waistline. Also, wear pants with a high waistline to enhance your wider tummy. If you want to look fashionable but not overbearing, try a midi-rise pant. Wearing the correct pant style will make you feel confident.

The best tops for an apple body are similar to dresses. A V-neck top elongates the neck and hides the bumps on your middle. A wrap top will highlight the slimmest part of your figure, usually just underneath the bust. Tops that are cut like an hourglass will skim over your less desirable bits, such as your waist. This will make your dress look flattering and enhance your figure.

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