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The Design Process in Fashion

A design process is a series of steps that help fashion designers create a final product. The steps include personal inspiration, research, sketch, prototype and final considerations. In addition to this, there are examples of products in the fashion industry to serve as inspiration. Research is a journey of questioning, exploring and visualizing information. After gathering information, the designer develops a concept and a design. At this point, a prototype of the product is produced for consumers to see and then approve.

Once the sketch is done, a designer must make a presentation. An illustration or sketch is necessary to show how the design will look on the model. An important aspect of a model is pose and attitude, which may change the design of the product. Another step in the design process is choosing a theme or inspiration board. Inspiration boards and mood boards are a great way to help a designer find inspiration and ideas for the final product.

The concept is the most important part of the design process. It is the point from which all other steps will flow from. Concepts can pop up at any point in the process, but designers need to make sure they are marketable and consistent. Otherwise, they may face problems later. The concept stage is also the time when a designer works on a mood board or theme board. These mood boards will include a color palette and an outline of a collection.

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