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The Difference Between Male and Female T Shirts

There are several differences between male and female t shirts. Generally speaking, male t-shirts are longer and more boxy, while female t-shirts tend to be slimmer and more loose. A key difference between the two is the fit of the hips. Female t-shirts have a slightly flared hip design. However, these differences are not so significant when it comes to men’s shirts.

Men’s shirts generally have a more tailored fit than women’s – most women wear crew neck t-shirts which flatter their bust lines. Those with a more feminine figure should choose V-neck t-shirts. They also tend to have longer sleeves. However, they are just as comfortable and don’t show a lot of skin. Women can get away with either one, as long as they find the fit to be right.

Buttons are another significant difference between male and female t-shirts. However, both sexes share one common feature – men’s buttons are placed on the right, while women’s buttons are on the left. It’s important to note that shirts made for both sexes have buttons that are placed on the left side. The placement of the buttons on men’s shirts can make them easily mistaken for those meant for women.

Another significant difference between male and female t-shirts is the design. Women should wear all-over designs, but large designs and text that are centred on the bust area may draw unwanted attention to the rear. Moreover, the text and image itself may have body-specific implications. For example, a shirt with the words “the BIGGEST server” would have negative effects for women with large breasts, while a t-shirt with a smaller print may look good on people with smaller breasts.

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