Things You Can Do to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

You might be having the best phone or gaming computer or console at home but having a weak Wi-Fi signal will always spoil the fun. This is mainly because you are experiencing bad internet signal reception. Also, you might not be able to watch your favorite show or complete an assignment for the same reason. There can be different reasons for not having a good internet speed in your home or a room where you are using the internet, But there is always a solution.

Let’s have a look at a few things to start with to improve your Wi-Fi signal.

Reboot Your Router

This is one of the foremost techniques that can be an IT expert’s advice to you if you are experiencing a problem with your router. By simply rebooting your router, you can get a considerably improved Wi-Fi speed. Rebooting your router can clear the memory of your router and allows updates to get installed easily.

If you do not know how to reboot your router, follow these steps:

Press the restart button on the back of your device.

Use a pointed object, as many router device manufacturers use recessed restart buttons, or simply disconnect the router and turn it on again.

If the router starts installing updates during the reboot, do not rush and be patient. Do not interrupt the update process by switching off the router. Installing updates can take a few minutes so make sure you do not interrupt the process.

Place Your Router At A Better Location

Think about the most suitable place for your router and avoid placing it close to metallic objects and appliances. Also, make sure you do not have any appliances that emit electromagnetic waves. One of the major objects that can disrupt your Wi-Fi signal could be something made of metal. So, if it is present somewhere near the Wi-Fi router, you will definitely be having a larger dead zone in your home. Other less disruptive objects and materials might include things made of wood, plastic, glass, cardboard, and foam.

Avoid placing your router near the kitchen as you might find different electromagnetic wave generators in that area. Also, look for objects like electric razors, circuit breakers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and other appliances and place your router away from them. Also, select a central location that is slightly above the floor to boost your signal strength.

Also, make sure that you do not place your router inside any cupboard, cabinet, or near a wall, as it can block your Wi-Fi signals.

Keep Your Router Updated

Updating your router makes your router device safe from malware attacks and if you are running a business, it might be a very crucial process for you. One of the reasons is that malware infects routers, steals your bandwidth, and spreads out throughout the network and different devices connected to it. The performance of routers with outdated firmware is worst than that of properly updated routers.

You can launch a web browser on your phone or computer and connect to your router’s network

Enter the IP address of the router that is present on the sticker on your router.

Log in with the “admin” Username and password that can be somewhere on a sticker at the bottom of the device.

Select Firmware Update or an option that says Router Update and wait until the router finds and installs the firmware.

Make sure that you do not interrupt the router update. Your router might appear to be unresponsive. Give it a few minutes and do not interrupt the process.

Cut Off Wi-Fi Leeches

In the current age, having encrypted and password-protected Wi-Fi is very important. Many people have things to do that can be done using Wi-Fi only. For this, they always look for fast and open Wi-Fi connections in the neighborhood. To make sure that nobody else uses your Wi-Fi, you should always use a strong password that is very hard to guess. Follow the tips mentioned below to create a strong password:

Use a combination of different symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase characters.

Try not to use common words or phrases, specific sequences of numbers or letters, etc.

Create a password that is 8-characters long as short passwords can be guessed easily using a brute force attack.

Do not add any personal information like names of different cuisines, pets, friends, your contact number, and so on.

Do not tell your password to guests or employees. Also, you can limit the range of your Wi-Fi device or protect it by changing the password regularly.

There are so many practices like getting yourself a Wi-Fi Extender or Booster, in case you need more coverage or you have a big home. If the problem persists, you can subscribe to best Internet service which offers some amazing Ziply Fiber Plans. This will give you better and hassle-free internet connectivity across the US.


In the end, one can say that there are so many ways you can get yourself a better internet connection and speed at home or office. If nothing works for you, then you can also get guidance from your internet service’s customer support. They can troubleshoot your problem on a phone call or by using the chat option on their website.

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