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Thinking of Installing an Inground Pool? Here’s Why Fibreglass Swimming Pools are the Best Option

Nothing beats the fun of diving into the deep end of your backyard or patio pool on a summer weekend! The exquisite feeling of the water over the skin is only enhanced with a riveting novel waiting to be read at the end of it all.

Are you planning on installing an inground pool for fun and relaxing family time? If yes, then consider giving fibreglass swimming pools a moment’s thought.

These pools are made using reinforced fibreglass shells and have protective gel coats for the ultimate swimming experience. This guide will delve deeper into the many benefits of fibreglass pools.

Top Reasons to Own Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Did you know that Australia has the largest number of swimming pools per capita? And out of those, nearly 60 to 70% are fibreglass pools. So, what’s the reason behind fibreglass pool popularity? Let’s find out.

Easy to Install

Since the fibreglass shell of these swimming pools is manufactured off site, installing a fibreglass pool in your backyard will take as little as seven days. Another factor that helps with faster installation is the fibreglass material, which is not vulnerable to adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain.

Other pools, such as concrete and vinyl liner, depend upon ideal weather conditions for installation. Still, besides the safety of the installers, fibreglass swimming pools do not come with weather concerns.

High Durability

Other pools, such as vinyl liners, can be easily damaged by sharp toys, dog claws, etc. This is not the case with fibreglass pools. Even with sharp objects around, the material will not be punctured easily.

Since the risk of damage is low, fibreglass pools are more durable than other kinds.


Stemming partially from the above point, fibreglass swimming pools’ durability renders them virtually maintenance-free. This is also true because they have a highly smooth and less porous surface. Concrete pools with more pores attract algae growth which is not the case with the smooth fibreglass pool.

Even in the long run, you will not have to spend extended periods cleaning or maintaining the fibreglass pool.

No need for Liner Replacement or Resurfacing

When it comes to vinyl liner pools, the liner itself needs to be replaced frequently. Even for concrete pools, acid washing and resurfacing are required once every few years.

However, the overhead expenses are not something owners of fibreglass pools need to worry about. There is no liner, and the smooth surface needs no major resurfacing. You can enjoy the pool with regular cleaning and no added frills.

Lower Lifetime Costs

A swimming pool is akin to an investment you make in your family’s future since it should ideally last you for years down the line. But, the lifetime cost of pools like a vinyl liner or concrete can add up due to the heavy maintenance and resurfacing needed.

In the case of fibreglass pools, the upfront cost may be high, but other than that, no heavy maintenance costs are involved. This brings down the lifetime cost of the swimming pool.

Winding Up

Though fibreglass pools offer numerous benefits, you should choose your manufacturer wisely. To assess the quality of fibreglass swimming pools, you will never go wrong by accommodating factors like the manufacturer’s manufacturing practices, the warranty involved, and your gut instincts.

Yes, if you feel that pit in your stomach regarding a manufacturer, it’s time to look for a new one! Make wise choices and enjoy diving into the deep end on relaxing weekends.

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