What Type of Cake Do Northern Germans Eat on Their Birthdays?

What type of cake do Northern Germans ate on their birthdays? Whether it’s traditional or modern, you’ll find the answer to this question below. This article is part of a series that will answer the question, “What type of cake do Northern Germans eat on their birthdays?”

A German birthday cake doesn’t have to be the traditional flour-and-sugar cake covered in icing. You can give kids unique fruitcakes or a multi-layered jam cake. In addition to a cake, remember to include candles, as these cakes are traditionally decorated with them. In fact, it was the Germans who were the first to decorate their birthday cakes with candles.

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Birthday cakes are an important part of Northern German celebrations. Cakes are often provided by the celebrant, as well as by friends and family. It is customary to pass out treats to all the people who attend the celebration, as well as to give the cake to the celebrant’s co-workers. If the birthday person is working, they’ll also expect to receive goodies on Monday.

The traditional cake is different than the kind you might get in the United States. Typically, the US would be lighter in flavor, while the Northern Germans would choose a richer cake with more sugar and butter. Birthday candles are also a popular tradition in Germany. One member of the family lights the candle at sunrise and it stays lit throughout the day. And, of course, no birthday would be complete without a cake, and one of the most traditional types is a traditional chocolate cake.

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